At KVLA, our mission is “to bridge communities through media” by helping our viewers stay in touch with their own cultural traditions. We are dedicated to bring our audiences the best of Vietnamese television, and are committed to the role of an industry pioneer by continuing to bridge our two cultures responsibly.

In doing so, we pledge to provide our viewers with the highest quality of programming in our efforts to best serve them and our communities. By evolving with the changing media trends and technology, KVLA strives to deliver the highest quality programming to Vietnamese-Americans as well as to people who want to better understand Vietnamese culture around the world.

Multicultural media plays a vital role in bridging communities by informing and connecting viewers to their cultures and homelands. KVLA is off to such a mission. Since its launch, KVLA provides 24-hour programming consisting of high quality vital news and cultural entertainment programs to help educate Vietnamese Americans about their host society and culture. The network understands the impeccable responsibility of ethnic media, and responds to the constant need of its viewers to maintain their own ethnic identity.